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You have things to do. We get it.

Daycare services are available to all by simply registering your dogs below!

Daycare is not for every dog so a trial day and evaluation is needed before joining the daycare group.

We offer 10+ hours of socialization with indoor and outdoor playtime. The dogs are socialized in groups of 15 or less in a space of 1,275 square feet.  That provides personal space and room to run.

*****BEFORE BEGINNING daycare your pet needs to be evaluated, you must complete the online registration (Gingr) and sign our waivers.

Daycare is primarily 6:45 am to 6 pm Monday – Friday but we can accommodate weekend needs by request.  We have packages for daycare sessions that include all day, half day and 3 hour sessions. Daycare is $20 per day without a session package.  The purchase of session packages (bulk purchase of daycare days) will lower the cost of daycare.

Vaccinations that are required for daycare are Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella. We also require that your pet is free of eternal parasites (De-wormed) and external parasites (free of fleas and ticks).

Never socialize your pet if they have an active cough, discharge from their nose or eyes, or have diarrhea. These symptoms can put your pet and their playmates at risk.  Happy Tails will never knowingly socialize a dog with a contagious illness.  However, in any social setting their are higher risks of communicable illnesses due to the close contact between animals.

Doggy Daycare

$ 20

per day, 7am-6pm

Pet Grooming

All breeds and sizes welcome, nails clipped, chemical-free shampoo and products, pick-up and drop-off services available, and much more.

Pet Boarding

All dogs are offered a FREE trial day to evaluate their behavior in a social setting to help our staff determine which room they’ll be a part of.

Doggy Daycare

Daycare services are available at affordable prices simply register your dog below and purchase a daycare package that fits your needs.

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